Night Dive


Have  you done a night dive before?  The first dive I ever did following my PADI Open Water Diver course back in 2001, or thereabouts, in Guam, USA, was a night dive.  It was a bit of a nutty experience for me as there were a million people on the boat and it was Christmas time; each person was given a glow stick and then at some point underwater, you had to line-up with your buddy and when it was your turn, swim to an underwater Christmas tree, put your glowstick on the tree and then smile for a photo.  Your 5th dive after the 4 in the course can generally be a bit topsy-turvy, but mine, well, that was a lot topsy-turvy!!

The night dive I had the other night with Merijn was the complete opposite.  We met just after 7pm despite threatening rumbles of an afternoon thunder cloud.  I had taken the carrito over from Cabarete and could see a rainbow meshed into a beauitful glowing pink sunset through the clouds.  In the parking lot, we prepared our gear, did our buddy checks and walked into the quiet waters of Sosua Bay just as the sun went down.  We enjoyed our surface swim out to the dive site while curious tourists looked out from their hotel balconies.  As we descended, I suddenly remembered something I will, from now on, never forget when preparing for a night dive – you absolutely need defogger for your mask, be it retail types or just hand soap.  I used the traditional saliva method and a slightly foggy mask on a night dive, just won’t do!  Don’t forget your de-fogger, folks.

We swam along the inside of West Wall and then to the wall and we were not disappointed!  With so many awesome caves and crevices that look pretty cool in the day, turned into something spectacular while illuminated with a flashlight.  The first one held a stunning octopus that glided along the back wall in a luminescent green colour that just cannot be compared with any other animal.  You have to see it to believe it.  Merijn and I continued together, but in our own exploratory worlds as we swam back to shore.  Merijn found a beautiful Snake Eel, which many people had told me were around here, but I had yet to see.  Then we both found one of the strangest animals both of us had ever seen.  Imagine a cross between an octopus tentacle, a sea cucumber, topped with the tentacles of a squid!  Ew!  Not so handsome!  Truly alienesque!   Merjin later learned this is a “Sticky Snake Sea Cucumber” or something along those lines.

All in all, we had a gorgeous relaxing night dive from the shores of Sosua with some refreshing beers to follow at the Jolly Roger.  Thanks Merjin for a great night!


Night Dive with Merijn from Sosua Bay, DR