About Mia


Hello!  My name is Mia Toose and I am a PADI and SDI/TDI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (#644324/#19337).  I was born in Canada of Estonian parents and had always dreamed of diving below the cold waters of Ontario lakes and rivers; so, as soon as I got my first full-time job, and I had enough money to get someone to take me, I began my sub-aquatic adventures.  Over the years, I worked as an English Teacher and Project Manager in Japan, Oman, and Canada, yet always found a way to incorporate diving into my life.

In 2007 I became a PADI Divemaster in Dubai, UAE and eventually, in 2009, I made the decision to leave my life in Canada to pursue scuba diving full-time in an environment where I can dive every day all year!  I became a professional scuba instructor in the Dominican Republic and worked at an all-inclusive resort, a local dive shop, and even conducted private lessons (which is where DiveWtihMia started!) while I ran the Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding school there.  In 2012, I left the island to work as a Divemaster/Instructor as well as a deckhand and stewardess aboard the awesome scuba liveaboard The Aqua Cat in The Bahamas.  I came back to Canada and learned dry suit diving in order to explore cold water scuba diving on the magnificent west coast and Vancouver Island while working at the stunning high end resort and marina, Brentwood Bay Resort in 2013.  In 2014, I went back to boating and was based in Turks and Caicos aboard The Turks and Caicos Explorer with the company, Explorer Ventures until May 2015 at which point I decided to take some time from the daily grind and am currently putting all my efforts into getting my women’s wetsuit line Truli Wetsuits off the ground!

I love venturing below the surface where the only noise is your own rhythmic breathing and the sensation of weightlessness envelops.  But that`s not all!  There is excitement at exploring reefs, caves, or wrecks to discover and re-discover animals and plants of every shape, size, and colour!  You will be mesmerized at the beauty of the deep!

My other love is introducing all people to diving and teaching them to enjoy every aspect of this unique sport.  Diving is for everyone!  I have enjoyed diving with children from 8-10 years old to the amazing 80 year olds and all in between.  Diving brings every type of person together to share delight at what lies beneath!

While working in scuba diving and kiteboarding I have developed a keen interest in the image of the dive industry when compared with other water sports.  I have also observed a few niche markets that I am pursuing through the development of a warm water scuba dive wetsuit for females looking for a high functioning and stylish alternative to mainstream exposure suits currently available.  Stay tuned to see how this new scuba gear unfolds!


PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor #644324

Emergency First Response Instructor

Dressel Divers, Iberostar Hotels, Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
Nat Wilson, Course Director
April – May 2009, Instructor Exam June 2009

Enriched Air Diver #0903094349

Elaine Blum, MSDT, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
December 2008

PADI Dive Master #644324

Al Boom Diving, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Francis Uy, Course Director
May 2007

PADI Rescue Diver #0507C09765

Benthic Scuba, Windsor, Canada
Ron Waxman, IDC Staff Instructor
July 2005

SSI Advanced Scuba Diver #9600216429

Byron Bay Dive Centre, Byron Bay, Australia
Matthew Barnsley
February 2002

PADI Open Water Scuba Diver #0112433505

Ben Leibson, OWSI, Tokyo, Japan
December 2001

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

El Nido, Philippines
March 2001