PADI Advanced dives with Marcus


Diving and kiting seem to go hand in hand in a way…at least on the north coast of the Dominican Republic they do!  Generally the diving around here is a two tank dive in the morning that finishes around 12:30pm.  And the kiting starts when the wind begins to blow blow blow usually around 1pm.  So the super adventurous water sport enthusiasts who come to Cabarete and Sosua can be both underwater and gliding the surface of the Atlantic Ocean all in one day!  And with Marcus not having dived in quite a number of years, I recommended the PADI Advanced Open Water diver course, which included 5 Adventure dives with yours truly (me!).  We even enticed his lovely girlfriend, Viera, to give diving another go with the Discover Scuba course.  While Marcus and I practiced superb buoyancy control as we swam through the awesome canyon at the same-named dive site Canyon, Viera was practicing in the pool.  For our second dive, Marcus did the Boat Adventure dive and we went to one of my favourite dive sites – Three Rocks; Viera looked on from above as a snorkeler and Marcus spent his time carefully capturing the underwater world with his camera!  These great shots can be found on my website and Facebook page!  We enjoyed a nice and slow dive and the company of a very special Yellow-tail Snapper who followed us along for our entire dive like a love-sick puppy!  The next time I see Marcus and Viera, I think she will be ready to take a deeper plunge and join us below the surface!

The following day we finished with 3 more Adventure dives – Wreck, Deep, and Underwater Navigation.  We headed out to the Zingara Wreck for a great swim around that gorgeous sunken treasure and followed with Mini Wall and Larimar I for Navigation.  I was so impressed with Marcus’ swift handling and problem-solving of all the compass and natural navigation skills we had to do!    Not to mention a cutie-pie moray eel popping his head in and out of rocks with a friendly smile to say ‘hi!’.

I loved spending time with this couple as despite the lack of wind for a vacation meant for kite surfing, they were able to capture the essence and endless appeal of the Dominican Republic.  They enjoyed a bit of grey weather, a gorgeous ocean, and spontaneous roadtrips and ended their vacation with words that they would be back and for long term!  This wasn’t the first time I had heard these comments :D

Can’t wait to see you guys again!!


Yellow Tail Snapper at Three Rocks in Sosua, DR